Discover Principles You Took For Granted


To encounter marital bliss, you must believe that “marriage is good, honorable, pleasurable and beautiful. There is no consideration for Divorce

Love Triangle

Maintain blissful relationships in your marriage by working on your relationship with God. The closer the two of you individually get closer God, the more you get closer to one another, functioning as joint heirs and equal partners in marriage.


The principle of friendship: Cultivating friendship and being your spouse’s best friend in marriage is a principle that breeds healthy, blissful marriages.

Limiting Third Party

Marital bliss thrives on the principle of limiting Third Party Influences on one’s marriage. In-law interference and other third party elements must not be allowed in-roads into one’s marriage.

Conflict Resolution

The Principles of conflict resolution was taught in the book. It is a must to acquire conflict resolution skills, many of these principles as taught in scriptures were highlighted in the book.

Family Financing

Family financing principles were highlighted in this book. The principles of vision for family financing, budgeting, saving and many more were taught extensively.